Church History

History of Our Church

The Congregational Church had its start in England. In 1620 this small group sailed to America on the "Mayflower", landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts. This group played a major role throughout American history promoting democracy.


The demonination known as The Christian Church started about 200 years ago when two small groups withdrew from the Baptist and Methodist churches. This group merged with the Congregational Church in 1931 forming the Fellowship of Congregational/Christian Churches.


The Reformed Church came from Switzerland and the Rhine Valley. They sailed to America in the early 1700's, settling in Pennsylvania. They merged with the Evangelical Church in 1937.


The United Church of Christ was born when the Evangelical and Reformed Church united with the Congregational Christian Churches in 1957. The new community embraces a rich variety of spiritual traditions and welcomes believers of African, Asian, Pacific, Latin American, Native American and European descent.


We are a community of faith that seeks to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in work and deed.



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